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More than 367,600 homeowners across the U.S. are still eligible for the Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP. FHFA will continue its efforts using TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube to reach homeowners in the top 10 states with the greatest concentration of borrowers who are eligible for HARP and stand to save money by refinancing through the program.

Note:  HARP eligibility data (as of 12/2015) is now available on HARP Eligibility Map page.




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(Map data as of 12/2015)


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Are You Eligible 3/2016


HARP Eligibles:  16,733
Fact Sheet: (English) (Spanish)

HARP in the News:
LA Opinion (2/12/2016) 
Visalia Times-Delta (1/21/2016)
SF Gate (8/1/2015)
San Diego Union - Tribune (5/9/2015)
Los Angeles Times (4/26/2013)
The Press Enterprise (5/15/2013)


HARP Eligibles:  51,100
Fact Sheet: (English) (Spanish)
Video (Miami 12/5/2014)
Miami HARP Event Photos (at

HARP in the News: 
Palm Beach Post (2/17/2016)
Tampa Bay Times (Editorial) (11/20/2015)
Herald Tribune (5/21/2015)
Tampa Bay Times (5/20/2015)
Palm Beach Post (5/18/2015)
Miami Herald (12/5/2014)
Palm Beach Post (11/18/2014)
Palm Beach Post (9/24/2014)


HARP Eligibles:  23,658
Fact Sheet
Video (Atlanta HARP Event 8/14/2014)
Atlanta HARP Event Photos (at

HARP in the News: 
The Augusta Chronicle (1/27/2016)
NPR (8/26/2014)
My Realty Times (8/15/2014)


HARP Eligibles:  32,169
Fact Sheet
Video (Chicago HARP Event 7/8/2014)
Chicago HARP Event Photos (at

HARP in the News:
Chicago Tribune (2/17/2016)
Chicago Tribune (4/24/2014)                  


HARP Eligibles:  11,879
Fact Sheet
Maryland Webinar Slides 3/4/2016 (PDF)
Maryland Webinar Transcript 3/4/2016 (PDF)

HARP in the News: 
Washington Post (5/8/2015)


HARP Eligibles:  28,825
Fact Sheet
Video (Detroit HARP Event 10/2/2014)
Detroit HARP Event Photos (at

HARP in the News:
Detroit Free Press (2/19/2016)
USA Today (12/24/2015)
Detroit Free Press (12/21/2015) 
Detroit News (5/17/2015) 


HARP Eligibles:  13,798
Fact Sheet
Video (Newark HARP Event 3/4/2015)
Newark HARP Event Photos (at

HARP in the News: 
New York Times (1/23/2015)


HARP Eligibles:  12,234
Fact Sheet: (English) (Spanish)

HARP in the News: 
New York Times (1/23/2015)


HARP Eligibles:  27,299
Fact Sheet
Ohio Webinar 10/28/2015 (PDF)

HARP in the News: 
Circleville Herald (3/1/2016)
AP News (2/23/2016) (2/23/2016) (11/4/2015)
The Plain Dealer (10/29/2015)


HARP Eligibles:  15,290
Fact Sheet

HARP in the News:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (3/15/2014) (4/10/2014)

The Mortgage Reports (3/10/2016)
Mortgage Orb (2/19/2016)
DSNews (2/18/2016)
The M Report (2/17/2016)
National Mortgage News (2/17/2016)
Housing Wire (2/15/2016)


 HARP Eligibles as of May 2016. 


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